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Apple design, Jony Ive and the rise of skeuomorphobia

photo-115-600x245Here’s a great article from The Next Web about skeuomorphism and the Mac operating system.

“First of all, skeuomorphism is actually a sharply defined and angular phrase that describes a very specific design technique. On a basic level, it’s designing an object that mimics, both in appearance and use, a real-world counterpart. This kind of technique is evident in apps on iOS like Contacts, which uses a leather-bound contacts book with flippable pages to represent a ‘real’ book of contacts.”

Personally, I’d like to see the designers at Apple go away from the idea of making thing on a computer or other device look like things in the real world. What do you think?

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How Your Genius backs up his data

Scary phrase, huh? Almost as bad as "when was the last time you went to the dentist?". Not having a backup for your computer is like driving along a lonely, desert road without a flat tire. If you have a spare, it's not a problem. If you don't, it's a big problem. But, what's the best way to backup your computer? Of course, the answer is going to very depending on your own requirements. However, I thought it might be helpful for you to know the way I backup my computer.

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Apple releases Wi-Fi Update 1.0. for all late 2012 Macs

Hey there all of you new Mac owners, there is a software update for you from Apple. Via 9 to 5 Mac:

Apple just released Mac Wi-Fi Update 1.0. The 1.49MB update, recommended for all late 2012 Mac systems, according to the folks in Cupertino, improves the compatibility when using the 5GHz band Wi-Fi. Like always, you speed-hungry Wi-Fi users can download the update directly from Apple or via Software Update. More info:

This update is recommended for all late 2012 Mac systems. This update improves compatibility when using the 5GHz band in Wi-Fi.

More in the full article here.

Hands on with iTunes 11

iTunes11Now that you have upgraded to iTunes 11, here’s a great MacWorld article that goes into all of the new features and how they work.

“Make no mistake: When you first launch iTunes 11, it’s going to feel awfully different from the iTunes you’ve grown accustomed to. That’s because it is awfully different, from many of the user interface choices right down to the brand new icon, which now even more strongly resembles that of the Mac App Store.”

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What happens during permissions repair in OS X?

What happens during permissions repair in OS X?

On the “MacFixIt” blog, Topher Kessler talks about what happens when you repair disk permissions, a common fix for general Mac OS X wonkiness.

“One of the commonly recommended maintenance routines in OS X for tackling system slowdowns and other performance problems or odd behavior is to run a “permissions fix” on the boot drive. This is done with Disk Utility, and because it will not hurt the system to perform it is often one of the first suggestions people offer for troubled systems.  Read more