Technical Support




If your Mac isn’t doing what you want it to, we can help. Many times, clients are pleased to find out that a problem they thought would require a repair just needs a setting changed or a system update. Evaluations can sometimes be done over the phone. Call us if:

Your Mac won’t start, runs slowly or makes strange noises.

You just got a new Apple computer and you need help setting it up and transferring all of your data from the old computer.

You want to prolong the life of your older Mac, by upgrading of a larger hard drive or adding more memory.

Your iPhone isn’t talking to your iPad which isn’t talking to your Mac which isn’t talking to…you get the point. iCloud, Apple’s all devices, everywhere solution for getting your Mac and your “iThings” in sync is brilliant. But, sometimes, it can be a bit finicky. I can help get your digital life back in order.

You need help to run Windows on your Mac.

You can’t get on the internet or your wireless networking doesn’t work.

Your peripherals don’t work (printer, scanner, Apple TV, etc.)

Your data isn’t backed up.

You hate going to the Apple Store. We’ll pick up your computer and take it to your nearest Apple store for you. We speak “Genius”.

Training and Project Support



One of the great things about getting a Mac is that it comes with just about everything you need for a productive computing experience. What it doesn’t come with, however, is someone to show you how do that. Our purpose is to empower people to make the most of their Apple technology. We can teach you:

The basics of Mac OS X. The best way to make your Mac faster is to make you faster. By learning the ins and out of Mac OS X, you will learn how to work more efficiently.

You’ll be surprised at what you can create using the Apple suite of applications; movies, slideshows and picture books, create music or learn to play a new instrument, make your own website. Everything you need is on your Mac right now.

Third-party applications. Call us to learn how to use Photoshop, Lightroom, Quicken, QuickBooks Pro, Microsoft Office, FileMaker Pro, WordPress, Logic, Ableton Live and many other applications.

If what you need to learn isn’t listed above, give us a call. If we can’t teach it, we’ll point you to someone who can.


Service Rates

On-site service: $125 per hour, one-hour minimum.

Service Pack 8: $800 for eight hours of service. Must be paid in full at the time of first service. Minimum two hours pers session.

Cancellation fees: $25 within 24 hours of the appointment time. $50 within 12 hours of appointment time.

A $20 travel surcharge will apply to locations outside the regular service area shown below.