Introducing Laura Madden

Hi! Tony Edwards here.

With the beginning of the new year comes a welcome change from I’m Your Genius with the addition of Laura Madden.

oldhippiechickLaura has worked computers and information technology since the early ’80’s. She began working with PCs initially, and later integrating PC and Mac networks. She worked implementing CAD in the aerospace industry in the ’90’s.

Laura later developed and administered networks in several industries, using both PC and Mac computers. She has several years experience in new installations, repairs and maintenance.

In addition to her hardware skills, she also has expert software experience in Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, WordPress and website development, Ableton, Filemaker Pro, and many others. Laura brings the same knowledge, creativity, intuitiveness and patience that you come to expect from IYG. You can reach Laura at

As for myself, I will be scaling back my involvement with Mac tech support, focusing more on my creative passions; acting and photography. However, I will still be keeping a toe in the IYG pool, as it were, so don’t be surprised if you schedule an appointment with us and find me at your door.


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